Read about the history of Villano’s Unfamous!!!

In the early 1990’s, Peter Villano was living on Long Island, NY. Peter, an entrepreneur, was looking for just the right touch to add to his steak. He and his wife Donna enjoyed cooking and experimenting on ways to make food taste even better. One thing that he never could find quite right was a marinade. He would go to the store and purchase all the different offerings, with the hope that he would enhance his steaks flavor, but not mask it. Unfortunately, he found the products available to him to be either too salty or too sweet. The consistency was never really there either. It was either runny and did not adhere to the meat, or he would have to use too much and it resulted in making the meat taste more like the marinade.

So, like many great inventions in the past have come to fruition, Villano’s Unfamous Marinade was born out of necessity! After several years of mixing and tasting, Peter and Donna found one secret ingredient that was a game changer, and in 1992 Peter and Donna’s marinade hit the market. They had finally found the right combination of unique flavor and consistency that did not mask the flavor of the steak, but rather enhance it. The marinade added a different dimension and flavor profile that was not on the market.

Having relocated his family to Hillsborough, NC by this time, Peter began to sell his product at the local farmer’s market. He worked endless hours grilling, sampling and selling his marinade to the locals. Soon he realized that it was good on all sorts of things; chicken and pork to name a few. He started to get repeat customers, and the word got out about this unique product. His marinade journey eventually took him to 1,800 stores, cooking shows on the local networks, and talk shows on the radio.

The History

of Villano’s Unfamous Marinade


In 2012, Peter scaled his business back, returning to his original venue of the Hillsborough Farmer’s Market. In time Peter decided to retire, and it has been a few years since Villano’s Unfamous Marinade has been available.

That brings us to today. In December of 2016, Peter turned over the reins to his son Steven. Together with his wife Barb, the next generation of Villano’s Unfamous has been launched. We look forward to sharing this one of a kind item with you!